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Live the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer once again with pre- and post-conference excursions to the DR’s beautiful beaches, mountains, and campos.



Reconnect to your Peace Corps family. Reconnect to the volunteers you served with and the community of which you were a part.



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For half a century, Peace Corps has sent volunteers to serve in the Dominican Republic, each one showing leadership in the face of uncertainty, working in collaboration with local partners to solve problems, and building life-long friendships.

As we mark this unique milestone, you’ll have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the collective legacy that Peace Corps Volunteers have built throughout the past fifty years in the Dominican Republic.

From February 7th-10th of 2012, Friends of the Dominican Republic, along with Fondo Quisqueya, the Andres Hernandez Foundation, and Peace Corps Dominican Republic will commemorate our mission and look ahead to the future of development in the DR.

Join us as we celebrate our achievements and our commitment on this historic occasion.

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